PLUSGLOVE SDN BHD is one of Malaysia’s leading suppliers and distributors of rubber and working gloves.

PLUSGLOVE Sdn. Bhd. is strategically positioned to meet the growing needs and challenges of the producers and consumers of the commodity products trading on Latex Examination Gloves, Nitrile Examination Gloves, Specialty Glove, Cleanroom Gloves, Surgical Sterile Gloves, Polyvinyl Disposable Gloves, Industrial & Household Gloves and other basic medical disposable products.

PLUSGLOVE SDN BHD has strategically formed alliance with latex and nitrile manufacturers to fulfill and satisfy the customers’ requirements. With the business model, we are able to provide wide range of products and also flexible to handle in combination of various products in delivery.

In conducting our business in an ethical manner, we have and continue to undertake the following measures: –

  • To continuously liaise with customers on new products and standards requirements.
  • To provide excellent customer service.
  • To ensure the quality of products is fulfilling customer requirements
  • To offer competitive price in market.

PLUSGLOVE SDN BHD consists of members with thorough experience in latex and nitrile glove manufacturing which has granted us the competitive edge needed in fulfilling our clients’ specific requirements, without compromising on our commitment to deliver superior quality and great service to our customers.

If you need any information regarding the gloves meeting your niche or customized requirements, you are always welcome to liaise with us.

Our Vision

To offer users a protection on hands.

Our Mission

To deliver good quality products, excellent customer service, value-added service, catering to the specific needs of our clients at competitive price.

Our Values

  • Customer Oriented to change the current product oriented organization into an efficient market-oriented and customer-focused organization
  • Innovation: We are intuitive, curious, inventive, practical and bold, which allows us to create new ideas for our customers, our business and employees.
  • Teamwork: Success requires teamwork. We are collaborative and respect the contributions of each person to the team’s success.
  • Respect: We are a global company with many cultures. We respect and embrace people and perspectives from all over the world.
  • Accountability: in customer service is our ability to account for our business actions and decisions. It is our willingness to show our customers that we really do care about them, and carry with this an unspoken pledge to respond to a customer’s request for information.

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